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Hospital Information System (HIS) 

AMIS offers atypical Hospital Management Solution that is highly customizable and configurable to enforce both clinical and operational work flows, clinical protocols and decision support systems. AMIS solution is a not a cookie cutter hospital management system but a solution architected and designed to incorporate Customer Relationship management (CRM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rule Management (BRMS) best practices and methodologies.

AMIS hospital management system is a complete system and designed to incorporate Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial management and Microsoft Dynamics Trade, Logistics and supply chain management modules. These modules could be customized and implemented over the life cycle of the implementation phase to provide a custom ERP solution for your hospital operation. This approach eliminates the cost overrun that is typical of a hospital implementation, and the risk of implementing a system that is not in line with the business, operational and clinical objectives of the hospital management.

We understand that any software solution should be agile and need to adapt to the customer need and evolve over time to support their needs. We are unique with our implementation approach where we provide a technical team and business analysts to work with the stakeholders in customizing and configuring operational and clinical work-flows and developing additional interfaces and modules to meet the customer requirements.

Revenue Cycle Management

The AMIS billing and claims management system streamlines the billing process, patient payments, insurance payments, tracks payer contract information, and can automatically transmits medical claims to insurance or clearing houses.


This is developed over several years with the input from healthcare business managers which includes easily customizable work-flow manager and case manger module to automate and enforce business process in revenue cycle management. This increase efficiency and reduce over-head, provide business intelligence and analytics, and provide revenue cycle management.

Patient Care Manager (PCM)

AMIS Patient Care Manager solution includes AMIS EHR, AMIS Prescription Manager, AMIS Lab Manager, and Mobile EMR. These modules support the healthcare provider by providing accurate information on past and current medical history, diagnostic lab data and images for better care.


AMIS Prescription Manager
AMIS Lab Manager

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

AMIS EHR is a USA government certified software that meet all 42 certification criteria and nine Clinical Quality Measures (CQM). AMIS maintains secured collaborative electronic health records for every patient. The physician-designed, tablet-based charting system is intuitive, efficient and enhances the doctor-patient relationship. Portals will automate and facilitate patient engagement to improve your care and your business.

Link to US Government EHR certification https://chpl.healthit.gov/#/product/6078

Patient Relationship Management

Architects of the AMIS suite have extensive industry experience in designing and implementing enterprise level Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that proactively understand and serve the needs of the customer. AMIS with its Patient Relationship Management suite introduces the principles of CRM to healthcare domain. AMIS PRM suite facilitate proactive patient care by providing following patient care functions:

  • provide proactive communication (patient alerts)
  • provide a communication channel between the patient and provider
  • provide easy access to view patient’s medical records
  • provide software tools to monitor and manage chronic disease like Diabetics
  • provide Patient education
  • provide alerts of events related to patient's chronic disease
  • provide access to update patient demographic and insurance information

    AMIS WebPortal
    AMIS Patient Health Record
    AMIS MedCommunicator

ePrescription and Pharmacy Management

AMIS allows the hospital to manage ePrescription work flow, medication inventories and medical device supplies from a robust platform that securely automates the end-to-end patient, doctor and pharmacist interaction. AMIS ePrescription module streamlines the entire prescription writing process making it simple, fast and effective. AMIS ePrescription module is Surescript certified and provide prescription routing, prescription benefit management, medication history and reconciliation. Our solution provides drug-drug, drug-allergy interactions checks, medication reconciliation and drug formulary checks. We have customizable in-built work-flows to implement medication management, chronic care management, medication alerts, medication reminders using AMIS patient mobile application.

Lab Information System (LIS)

AMIS Lab Information System is a complete solution and is HL7 compliant. It has an HL7 interface and is easy to configure to support bi-directional interface with any lab systems for electronically sending lab orders and retrieving lab results. This work-flow is seamlessly integrated with our EHR module and hence providers can place lab order and review lab results from EHR.

AMIS Telemedicine Solution

AMIS Telemedicine is a patient-centric healthcare service that allow patients to request for a consulataion remotely using a computer or mobile application. Patients uses this service for regular consulatation, specialist consulatation and also for second openion. This service will increase patient flow and increase revenue through virtual consulatation, increased referral and second openion consulattaion, and post surgery virtual healthcare services and consulatation.

AMIS telemedicine solution facilitate complete work-flow of setting up a telemedicine service in your clinic or hospital. We will support you in setting up this service with regional and rural clinics as referral source for your operation. Patients can be seen by your specialists from hospital when they visit these clinics and can be referred to your hospital. We have an inbuilt customizable work-flow for this referral management in our system. Patients can also use this system to enter into a Telemedicine session with your providers and specialist from home or anywhere through mobile application or from a computer.


AMIS has inbuilt modules that are scalable and customizable to enforce best practices in managing and controlling all aspects of the financial operations of a hospital system. AMIS system can also be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial Management module (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/financials). By developing healthcare-specific financial functionality for Dynamics AX, AMIS empowers healthcare organizations to tighten billing cycles, report more accurately and collect more payment.

Facility Management

AMIS Facility Management tools optimizes key codes and standards how to best manage operations, maintenance and regulatory compliance. Great facilities lead to great quality of care.

Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain

AMIS has inbuilt modules that are scalable and customizable to enforce best practices in managing and controlling all aspects of trade, logistics and supply chain of a hospital system. AMIS system can also be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX Trade, logistics and supply chain module. This represents one of the most critical, far-reaching and sophisticated arms of a healthcare organization, because materials management problems apply to every department. AMIS has the necessary experience in enterprise resource planning, and specifically in healthcare, to make your organization run smoothly.

Healthcare Customer Relationship Management

AMIS has inbuilt modules that are scalable and customizable to enforce best practices in managing and controlling all aspects of customer relationship management of a hospital system. AMIS system can also be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM module. Healthcare CRM facilitates following major business functions:

  • Referral Sales Management
  • International Sale Management (Medical Tourism)
  • Corporate sales management
  • Marketing programs
  • Patient care and services
  • Chronic Disease management
  • Post discharge follow-up

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