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AMIS Personal Health Record (PHR) is a complete patient medical chart that could be copied onto a smart card or flash drive. All PHI data is kept in encrypted form. Login is required to view the data. Patient could carry this with them anywhere they go. PHR application provides an easy to use interface for patient or doctor to login and view medical documents. This also provide options to print, import and export data to other AMIS applications, bi-directional exchange of health data in CCD format to integrate with other Health Information Systems.

Print report according to category.
Personal identification, including address and phone details.
People to contact in case of emergency.
Names, addresses, and phone numbers of your physician.
Health insurance information.
Current medications and dosages.
Immunizations and their dates.
Lists medications.
Lists lab reports as images.
Listing of lab reports based on category and date.
Allergies or sensitivities to drugs or materials.
Graphical display of your vital informations.
Lists your test results with images, such as X-Ray, ECG.
Includes medical records of entire family members.
Password protection for each user.
Patient history includes past medical ,family ,social, smoking and alcohol.
Options to print all record details.
Security…encrypted, only viewable through patient authentication.
Print lab reports with different selection options.
Have HL-7 interface to integrate with other compliant systems.
Can be used with authentication by patient or in case of emergency authentication
could be done through our clearing house.
Credit card flash drive to store and retrieve PHR information.

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