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Architects of the AMIS suite have extensively industry experience in designing and implementing enterprise level Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software that proactively understand and serve the needs of the customer.AMIS with its Patient Relationship Management suite introduces the princple of CRM to healthcare domain.

 * provide proactive communication(patient alerts)
 * provide a comunication channel between the patient and provider
 * provide easy access to view patient's medical records
 * provide software tools to monitor and manage chronic diseases like Diabetics
 * provide Patient education
 * provide alert of events related to patient's chronic disease
 * provide access to update patient demographic and insurance information


AMIS Kiosk is a self-service check-in system that also enables a patient to update patient profile
and insurance information. This Kiosk application has a customizable work flow where the practice
could add any number of forms for data collection. Standard forms available with Kiosk includes :
HIPAA forms with electronic signature
Payment responsibility consent with e-signature
Medical History Forms

AMIS WebPortal

AMIS Web Portal is a web-based solution that provides physicians, patients and other health
service providers to collaborate and manage medical informatics for a true patient care.This
solution is in line with Health Information Exchange (HIE) initiative.

AMIS Patient Health Record

AMIS Personal Health Record (PHR) is a complete patient medical chart that could be copied onto
a smart card or flash drive. All PHI data is kept in encrypted form. Login is required to view
the data. Patient could carry this with them anywhere they go. 

AMIS MedCommunicator

MedCommunicator is an innovative solution that facilitates and manages communications
in a health-ecosystem among providers, patient for a better co-ordinated care.

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