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AMIS Healthcare Business Management Solution offers enterprise software solution that could scale from a single doctor practice to clinical enterprise system. AMIS Healthcare Business Management solution consists of nearly 15 modules that are well integrated and could be implemented incrementally in a practice. These modules are divided into three major groups as Healthcare Business Manager, Patient Relationship Manager and Patient Care Manager.

AMIS offer atypical Hospital Management Solution that is highly customizable and configurable to enforce both clinical and operational work flows, clinical protocols and decision support systems. AMIS solution is a not a cookie cutter hospital management system but a solution architected and designed to incorporate Customer Relationship management (CRM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rule Management (BRMS) best practices and methodologies.

Hospital Information System
AMIS Telemedicine helps you get better faster, no matter where you are or what time of day. Access AMIS Telemedicine from wherever you are – home, work or even on vacation! Get an accurate diagnosis, a personalized treatment plan and get better quickly. It's patient-centric healthcare that works for you and around your schedule.

AMIS Telemedicine
This is a suite of products developed over several years with the input from healthcare business managers which includes work-flow manager to increase efficiency and reduce over-head, provide business intelligence and analytics, provide revenue cycle management and facilitates marketing of services. AMIS Revenue Cycle Manager has the unique capability in the industry to do real-time claim pricing against Medicare Pricing Engine which is only available to Insurance companies.

AMIS RendezVous Scheduler
AMIS Document Manager
AMIS Revenue Manager
Architects of the AMIS suite have extensive industry experience in designing and implementing enterprise level Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that proactively understand and serve the needs of the customer. AMIS with its Patient Relationship Management suite introduces the principles of CRM to healthcare domain. AMIS PRM suite facilitate proactive patient care by providing following patient care functions:
  • provide proactive communication (patient alerts)
  • provide a communication channel between the patient and provider
  • provide easy access to view patient’s medical records
  • provide software tools to monitor and manage chronic disease like Diabetics
  • provide Patient education
  • provide alerts of events related to patient's chronic disease
  • provide access to update patient demographic and insurance information

AMIS WebPortal
AMIS Patient Health Record
AMIS MedCommunicator
AMIS Patient Care Manager solution includes AMIS Easy EMR, AMIS Prescription Manager, AMIS Lab Manager, and Mobile EMR. These modules support the doctor by providing accurate information on past and current medical history, diagnostic lab data and images for better care.

AMIS Prescription Manager
AMIS Lab Manager
This is a mini-EMR software based on doctor dictation and outsourced transcription done by AMIS. This is a very efficient easy to start solution that help a practice to evolve to a fully paperless EMR system. Doctors do not need to change the current work-flow and they could continue to use the dictation they are doing now. Medtranscribe™ is a true HIPAA compliant transcription solution that is unique in the industry. Medtranscribe™ working in concert with our AMIS EMR software would facilitate a hassle free evolution of your practice to a full-fledged EMR system.

AMIS MedTranscribe
Is a software bundle that allows the user to extend usability of the wide range of AMIS products available with the AMIS Healthcare Business Management Suite.
AMIS Vaccination Scheduler
AMIS TimeSheet Manager
AMIS Call Manager
AMIS Insurance Coverage
AMIS Hospital Interface System
AMIS Medical Decision Support System
AMIS Medical B2B Interfaces

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