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easyEMR is developed over 7 years in consultation with several physicians who have used and abandoned industry leading EMRs because of its inherit flaws. Their valuable inputs are the foundation of easyEMR. It has highly acclaimed innovative & easy to use interface and work-flow for E&M documentation.

This is a tablet based software solution that facilitates both template driven and dictation driven documentation of E&M work-flow. easyEMR is scalable and HL-7 compliant. AMIS has architected this solution based on hybrid-cloud computing model reaping the benefits of both public & private cloud models. This enable AMIS to manage the data and process within and outside the practice without the inherit uncertainty exposed by pure public cloud in network bandwidth and HIPPA security exposure.


Interface to support template driven E&M
Interface for easy and quick creation E&M using structured dictation
Innovative and easy to use interface for ePrescription
Innovative and easy to use interface for CPOE orders
Innovative and easy to use interface for superbill/tickets creation
Automatic creation of claims (tightly integrated with billing software)
Innovative solution with 100% availability based on a hybrid cloud model
Order Communication Systems
Clinical Decision-Making Support Systems
Document/Image Management

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