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AMIS Web Portal is a web-based solution that provides physicians, patients and other health service providers to collaborate and manage medical informatics for a true patient care. This solution is in line with Health Information Exchange (HIE) initiative. Medical records, patient notes and DICOM images could be reviewed online. Portal facilitates an HIE for collaborative patient care and secure communication between patient and healthcare providers. AMIS Web Portal consists of four main sections, AMIS Patient Chart, AMIS Provider Portal, AMIS Patient Portal and AMIS Secure Link

AMIS Web Portal consists of four main sections,
* AMIS Patient Portal
* AMIS Patient Chart
* AMIS Provider Portal
* AMIS Secure Link

AMIS Patient Portal

AMIS Patient Portal allows patients to register on-line and create an account prior to their first visit. They could fill demographic, insurance and medical history on-line prior to their visit. Patients could login and update their demographic, insurance and medical history, create/cancel appointments, and check previous visit history online. Patients could upload medical documents to be reviewed by the physician. Portal provide a blog like interface for patients to communicate and collaborate with providers for their health management.

AMIS Patient Chart

AMIS Patient Chart provides doctors and patients to view the medical chart. Doctors could create/update medical charts and create E&M evaluation report.

AMIS Provider Portal

AMIS Provider Portal allows a doctor to login and check the appointments they have, view complete patient history including past illness details, current illness, allergies, vital signs, prescriptions ordered and also create EMR notes of a particular patient visit. AMIS Provider Portal has online DICOM image viewers which facilitate the doctors to review the MRI/X-Ray images remotely on-line.

AMIS Secure Link

AMIS Secure Link secures messages which are sent between doctor offices/clients. Only the actual recipient of the message is allowed to read the message. This helps in sending sensitive data between two offices/clients. The actual content of the message is not sent out; when the recipient opens the link to the message they will be prompted to login to the system.

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