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First Step to EMR System™
 Who are we ? (Show Details)
ADVmis is a consortium of Physicians and Software Engineers,dedicated to provide innovative software solutions for efficient Health Care Management.We deliver a wide range of services that includes consulting and re-architecting of software solutions and TrueHIPAA compliant Medical Transcriptions services.The company was founded by a physician and the solution are evolved out of his practical experience running successful medical practices.

What makes our Transcription different ? (Show Details)
We offer TrueHIPAA comliant solutions securing patient records containing individually identifiable health information as stipulated by Health Information Privacy and Civil Rights(Sections 261 through 264 of HIPAA 1996).All identifiable health informations are kept at service provider's office.The transcribed dictations are assembled and integrated with the EMR System using MEDTRANSCRIBE. MEDTRANSCRIBE is an onsite transcription management software.This software has an easy to use interface designed by healthcare professionals

What do we offer ? (Show Details)
  • True HIPAA Compliance(all identifiable health information is kept at service provider's office)
  • Digital Recorder or Telephone Dictation
  • 100% Encryption of Documents
  • Decryption of documents only to authenticated user through MedTranscribe software
  • Electronic signature
  • Fax Capabilities
  • Secured HIPAA compliant  Email Messaging and alert Email Alerts
  • Innovative Document Management & Distribution Capabilities
  • Easy EMR Integration and EMR Migration Capability with EMINTEGRATION

How our solution becomes your first step to EMR ? (Show Details)
MedTranscribe working in concert with our Electronic Chart software could "EMR-enable" your medical practice in a hassle free manner.
             No need to change your current workflow 
         Dictated Notes and Patient Encounter details are integrated  
         into one system

Why do you need to change your current Transcription Service? (Show Details)

There are several legislations pending in the  US Congress that could illegitimize the current practice of outsourcing transcription to a service provider outside of the protections of the U.S.law.Our transcription solution completely eliminates the use of identifiable health information outside of the service provider's office.


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