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AMIS Telemedicine 

AMIS Telemedicine is a patient-centric healthcare service that allow patients to request for a consulataion remotely using a computer or mobile application. Patients uses this service for regular consulatation, specialist consulatation and also for second openion. This service will increase patient flow and increase revenue through virtual consulatation, increased referral and second openion consulattaion, and post surgery virtual healthcare services and consulatation.

AMIS telemedicine solution facilitate complete work-flow of setting up a telemedicine service in your clinic or hospital. We will support you in setting up this service with regional and rural clinics as referral source for your operation. Patients can be seen by your specialists from hospital when they visit these clinics and can be referred to your hospital. We have an inbuilt customizable work-flow for this referral management in our system. Patients can also use this system to enter into a Telemedicine session with your providers and specialist from home or anywhere through mobile application or from a computer.

Comfort of Your Home.
Save Travel.
Save Time.
Healthcare Virtually Anywhere.
Online Doctor Visits, On Demand.
Take Control of Your Health Care.
Provides quick, easy and affordable access to meet the everyday health care needs of you and your family.

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